Liability Program

The Liability Fund was established in October 1986 to account for the self-insured and excess coverage for general liability, employment practices liability, and auto liability. The program year runs from July1 to June 30 of each year.

The VIPJPA’s insurance coverages, deductibles, and self-insured retentions (SIR) are as follows for the Casualty Program (Liability):

Liability Litigation Management Services include the following for Employment Practices Liability Claims: Claims Administration Oversight
  • Work closely with TPA to provide general oversight of all matters including a review of the initial government tort claim, investigation, coverage, setting of reserves, and if needed, assignment to defense counsel.
  • Coordinate the selection of a TPA as needed.
  • Prepare and negotiate the contract for claims administration which is to include the claims administration performance standards set forth by the Board/Executive Committee (currently performance standards are not in place for the liability claims administrator).
  • Review and amend performance standards on an annual basis for Board/Executive Committee approval.
  • Arrange for regional workshops on all facets of Claims Procedures.
  • Provide all VIPJPA members with Claims Procedure Manual.
Litigation Management
  • Coordinate and update approved attorney panel and approved hourly rates.
  • Provide recommendations for early alternative dispute resolution methods, when appropriate.
  • Provide immediate notification and appropriate recommendations to the Executive Committee/Board of offers “and demands” to settle, and keep the Executive Committee/Board of VIPJPA up to date on the status of all litigated files that could affect pool funds.
  • Maintain an evaluation file on each defense firm with respect to each reported case.
  • Arrange for regional workshops on all facets of Litigation Management.
  • Develop Litigation Management Guidelines to serve the particular needs of the members of VIPJPA and for Board approval.
  • Assure vigilant availability during normal business hours by telephone, fax, and email.
  • Assure timely reporting of the higher profile cases to any excess pool or insurer or reinsurer.
  • Monitor defense counsel practices in accordance with litigation management policies and procedures. The manager is responsible for reporting deficient practices to the Executive Committee/Board for consideration of action or possible removal from the approved panel.
  • As appropriate, attend mediations and settlement conferences to resolve litigation, if possible and within authority.
  • As necessary, provide advice and assistance to the members.
Statistical Reporting
  • Loss reports valued at the end of the month showing the status of each reported claim, the details of the claim, and the total incurred of each claim.
  • Quarterly Claims Watch List Reports to include detailed analysis of each report on the Watch List.
Workshop Sessions
  • Two Regional Risk Transfer/Insurance Contract Sessions will be conducted each year with rotating locations.

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